How to play

Funny Charades - Rules

This game is a mobile version of the party game "Activity". The rules can be edited various ways, we will describe one of the possible ways how to play this game.

Players will divide in groups of 2 people (minimum of 2 groups). In each round the activity is chosen (word description, drawing, pantomime) and a word (with 3, 4 or 5 points value, depending on the difficulty level), which the player tries to describe, draw or show using pantomime to his team player. If the team player correctly guesses the word, their team will get points.
Word description - it is required to describe the chosen word. It is not allowed to use the root of the chosen word.
Drawing - on the paper (or in our application) it is required to draw a picture from which the team player will guess the word. It is not allowed to write any words into the picture.
Pantomime - it is required to show the word using pantomime in a way the team player would guess it. No word commentaries are allowed.

There is limited time for performing the activity (can be changed in settings). If the word is not guessed within this time, the team can not get the points. The team, which achieves the required number of points (can be changed in settings) first, wins.

All players (teams) will guess some randomly chosen rounds (can be switched off in settings). Team, which will correctly guess the word will get points. If that team is not the one performing the activity, the performing team will also get 2 points (as a reward for correctly performed activity).

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