Privacy policy

We are glad if you play and like our game - Funny Charades. Because our word database is shared with all our users, we have some rules for everyone who uses this app.
You should always think of following:

  • While inserting new words into the app, do not use words from other similar games. Think of new words/phrases by yourself.
  • Do not insert stupid, inappropriate and indecent words! Kids and other well-behaved people are also using Funny Charades game. We want to have clear and appropriate word database.
  • Insert grammatically correct words / phrases. If you find some mistakes while approving the word, please correct it.
  • If you find some stupid, inappropriate, indecent or grammatically incorrect word or phrase in the game - please report it directly from the app with suitable comment. We are sorry for such situations, but it is not allways possible to check every single inserted word. If you report the word we can change/remove it.
  • While inserting new phrases and accepting new words, please give it reasonable number of points. I know it is sometimes difficult to say how many points should each word have - it's subjective. But it's not acceptable, if the word "apple" has 5 points value in drawing activity.
  • You are allowed to use our word database only with our official app. Copying or using our database is not allowed and has to be discussed with author.

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